Hemiplegic Walker For Children

Hemiplegic Walker For Children

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Hemiplegic Walker For Children

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Properties Rehabilitation Therapy Supplies-special for Children
Feature Ajustable, portable, and changable, easy assembility
Material Stainless steel material
Color Silver and blue, orange, blue, black
Application Lower limb disability and inconveniators
Wheel Silent does not hurt the floor
Packed paper box

Sponge handle
Adopt macromolecule sponge material to prevent slip and take off durable

Comfort bracket, C buckle
High quality sponge is filled in the file holder
Breathable knitted fabrics are easy to take apart and wash
Easy to operate and install
Long life, easy to press

Universal caster
Play rubber wheel, anti – slip, anti – wear, long service life

Height adjustment:
To accommodate different children, different groups

Anti-turning wheel
Prevent rollover and injury during use

Sponge axillary bracket
Prevent underarm injuries while walking and reduce underarm injuries
Four axillary child walkers:
Prevent underarm injuries while walking and reduce underarm injuries

Adjustable width
The width of the upper body can be adjusted to suit different groups of people
Hand twist the screw button:
New socket design makes the connection more stable

Product precautions
1. Before assembly, please check all accessories for any damage during transportation. If it is damaged, please do not use it, contact customer service, and wait for further instructions.
2. Make sure that the marbles on the legs of the walker are adjusted to the corresponding holes in each leg to ensure the consistency of the height of the walker.
3. Make sure all screws, nuts and bolts are tightened.
4. Check the rubber cover of the foot tube, and assemble it if it falls off. If it is damaged, please contact the customer service to replace it.
5. The four legs with rubber cover must touch the ground at the same time when extending.
6. Don’t stand on a walker or fall.

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